About us

Why newwavemedia?

Quality is our main priority, our pleasure is drawn from perfection. For us there is no extra mile to go for, it's standard. We like to use our brains and spend our time on things that are actually necessary.

We are a down to earth web agency that wants the best for you, because it's the best for us. We say what we feel and think, so our clients know what to expect from us.

Our philosophy

What we stand for

newwavemedia was established in 2003. Since than we have done many projects. We always set the bar high and that has gotten us in our current position.

A no nonsense mentality would describe us best. This is reflecting in the work we deliver, the way we work and our own facilities. Therefore we keep our costs low so we can provide our clients with a very competitive price quality ratio.

Our services

What we can offer

newwavemedia is a Dutch all-round web agency. We conceptualize, design, build websites and web applications. All our work has great design, is build according to web standards, is very user friendly and accessible.

What to do?

There is only one thing left to do

Does this make sense for you? Do contact us, also when already working with someone. Test us, because there is a big chance we can do better.